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Graphic Designer Facts

Do your homework before hiring a designer. Ask Questions!

Questions you should be asking...

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  Does the designer have a degree specifically in Design?
  Has the designer spent time in a corporate or agency setting?  
  Is this their main source of income..I.E., their main job?  
  Can they supply references from both individuals and companies?  
  Have they ever been or are now lisenced for the Adobe Suite?  
 Does the designer have any formal UX Design training as of 2020?  
  Does the designer include all production files with their deliverables?  
  Is the designer familiar with and willing to sign an N.D.A.?  
  Does the designer have a standardized process they use for each client?  

Bonus Questions:

  Can the designer code in HTMl or HTML5?
  Does the designer understand SASS or SCSS  
  Is the designer fluent in CSS and CSS3?  
  Has the designer ever worked on Agile or Waterfall teams?  
  Can the designer be reached within a few hours or sooner?  

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