Commonly Asked Questions

There are several ways you can contact me. You can call me directly at 870-677-9754. You can message me directly on LinkedIn. You can send a message directly to me via the contact form at the bottom of this page. However, the easiest and fastest way to reach me is to simply email me at

I make it a point to respond to any client as soon as possible, almost always the same day.

Of course, I do. I am always willing to and make every effort to accommodate client requests whenever possible.

Absolutely not. Every project I design is unique to that client and I never reuse parts or elements for other clients or projects. You must understand and remember that any work you pay for, by Federal Copyright Law, is owned by you unless specifically stated otherwise in a written agreement. Therefore, no designer should be using templates unless specifically requested in writing by yourself.

No. I do not farm out work or use third parties on any project. I have a shortlist of fellow designers I can call upon when necessary and only after clearing the use of those designers with you.

Yes. I can provide a written estimate if you can provide the full details of the project. In many cases that may require an NDA be signed in order to share those details. I have never had an issue with signing an NDA if you require.

I can provide both. It usually depends on the nature of the project as to which one is more appropriate.

It depends. There are a lot of variables to each project, and unique to each project. So, the short answer is there is no typical turnaround for any project. They are all unique to that project. Even something as simple as a business card can vary depending on the complexity of the design, the number of revisions, etc. The biggest variable by far is surprising your own responsiveness. This why it critical that you be able to provide as many details about the project and make it a point to be part of the process.

Yes, yes I can. I can provide references directly to my previous and current clients any time you like.

Rule number one...There is no such thing as negative feedback. There is only feedback. How you handle that feedback is what becomes negative or positive. I personally choose to leave my ego at the door and have an honest and open discussion about all feedback. I have found this always leads to far more productive results versus trying to decode who is right or wrong. So the short answer is I welcome any feedback and consider it a valued part of the design process.

Typically, hours worked for that particular week are invoiced electronically each week as we move through the project. For fixed priced projects, a down payment to secure the work is required and the remainder is paid once the work is completed, again electronically. That being said, I try to work with each client individually to reach an arrangement that we can both benefit from.

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